70 Years: 1944-2014

White Rose Archers mark their 70th anniversary this year

Back in 1944 England was in the midst of war, Bing Crosby topped the charts and in the West Riding of Yorkshire a farmer called Ted Hurling established a small local archery group. Ted was a keen archer and bowyer and set up some targets in one of Grange Farm’s fields to allow this group of ‘gentlemen’ to practice the sport of archery. The equipment back then was mainly wooden bows and arrows with a few privileged members owning steel equipment.

Over the years, the club has used various sites along the Calder valley but since 1987 has had a permanent home at the picturesque Salem Fields by the river in Hebden Bridge. Membership now stands at 63 plus 20 juniors and archery successes in recent years have included the British Longbow Ladies Champion, Yorkshire Compound Champion and Captain of the Ilkley Arrow, the Ascham Arrow and the Scorton Arrow. One of the founding members, Frank Lister, still joins in with club shoots.

White Rose Archers work hard to introduce this fantastic sport to the wider community and hold ‘have a go’ events including regular after school events for students (and staff) and an annual Fun Day.