2015 Events

Results of St George/Albion Tournament, 31 October 2015
St George
1st: Ian Wright, Longbow
2nd: Andrew Holden, Recurve
3rd: Dave King, Longbow

1st: Sheila Hudson, Longbow (NCR)
2nd: Janice Parrott, Barebow (NCR)

Best Gold: Sheila Hudson
Worst White: Sheila Hudson

Summer Knockout Competition result
The final round of the Summer Knockout has finally been shot with the four finalists shooting a Western round.
1st: Paul Howlett, Recurve
2nd: Steven Blamire, Recurve
3rd: Kevan Ward, Recurve
4th: Julie Robertson, Traditional

Report on the Annual Longbow shoot: here

National Inter-counties Team Championships, Lilleshall, Shropshire - 27/28 June
Congratulations to Sheila Hudson - part of the Yorkshire Ladies Longbow team for this national event. The Yorkshire team won the Ladies Longbow trophy overall - and this is the first time Yorkshire had been represented for this section. Over the two days, there were 231 archers representing 20 counties.
Sheila also beat her personal best for a WA720 - setting a new County record (subject to confirmation). She also beat her personal best on a WA1440 by 50 points and gained her second Grand Master Bowman classification.

Congratulations, Sheila - and thanks to Richard for the photos.


The winning Yorkshire Longbow team


The 70 target set up at Lilleshall

Double Metric Clout (125 metres) Competition - Sunday 7 June
Highest Overall score, Gent: Richard Hudson
Highest Overall score, Lady: Diana Wyatt
Highest Overall score, Jnr Gent: Harry Bloomer
Highest Overall score, Jnr Lady: (not shot)

Best score, Barebow: Andrew Holden
Best score, Longbow: Ian Wright
Best score, Traditional: Megan Winter

Best clout: Andrew Holden
Most blacks: Andrew Healey

Spot prizes during the shoot:
Nearest to the shooting line: Haydn Parker
Farthest from the shooting line: Megan Winter
Nearest to randomly placed duck 1: Kaspar Fussing
Nearest to randomly placed duck 2 : David King
Nearest to randomly placed duck 3: Haydn Parker
Worst white: Bebe Milroy

2014 Events

Results and photos from Longbow Tournament: click here to view

British Longbow Champion
Congratulations to Ann Shooter - British Longbow Champion for the second year running. This year's BLBS championship tournament took place on 20 September at the Royal Toxophilite Society's ground in Burnham. Ladies shot a Double National round.

Results of Windsor Tournament
1st: Richard Hudson, Longbow (Des Taylor Trophy - Highest Handicapped Score)
2nd: Mark Richardson, Recurve
3rd: Dave Bloomer, Longbow
4th: Sheila Hudson, Longbow (NCR)

1st: Harry Bloomer, Recurve
2nd: Jacob Burton, Recurve
3rd: Jordon Birks, Recurve (NCR) (1st Junior Shield - Highest Score)
4th: James Kay, Longbow (NCR)

Best Gold, Snr: Dave Bloomer, Longbow
Best Gold, Jnr: Ben Fitton, Compound

Worst White, Snr: Janice Parrott, Longbow
Worst White, Jnr: Harry Bloomer, Recurve

Summer Knockout Competition - an all Ladies' final:
The final shoot-out took place on Wednesday 17 September. The finalists shot a National Round and the results were as follows:
1st - Bebe Milroy, Longbow / 2nd - Julie Robertson, Barebow / 3rd - Janice Parrott, Longbow

Winning Ladies at The Ascham Silver Arrow shoot held on Saturday 13 September
The Ascham Silver Arrow tournament hosted by the Ascham Society at Selby Archery Club is open to ladies only and is shot at 80 yards. The Ascham Silver Arrow is awarded to the lady archer who first pierces the inner gold. A team prize is awarded to 1 recurve archer and 1 longbow archer from the same club.

Ann Shooter won the Ascham Silver Arrow and also won the Snow Tankard for Most Golds (Longbow). The team prize went to Janice Parrott (Longbow) and Sheila Hudson (Recurve). Janice also won the Most Blues (Longbow) and Sheila won Most Golds (Recurve). A great effort by all the competitors and a fun day out.


Ann is presented with the Silver Arrow

Results of the York/Hereford/Bristol Tournament held on Sunday 7 September
Ladies: (shooting Hereford round)
Highest score - Compound: Shelley Blamire
Highest score - Recurve: Sheila Hudson
Highest score - Longbow: Diana Wyatt
Highest score - Barebow/Traditional: Janice Parrott

Gents: (shooting York round)
Highest score - Recurve: Steven Blamire
Highest score - Longbow: Nigel Smethurst

1st: Jordon Birks - Recurve (York round) (1st Junior Cup) (NCR)
2nd: James Allsopp - Compound (Bristol round) (NCR)
3rd: Toby Smith - Recurve

Best Gold, Snr: David King, Recurve
Best Gold, Jnr: James Allsopp, Compound

Worst White, Snr: David King, Recurve
Worst White, Jnr: James Allsopp, Compound

Results of Double Clout Competition held on Sunday 31 August
1st: Sheila Hudson, Barebow (Vera Foster Trophy - highest score)
2nd: Diana Wyatt, Barebow
3rd: Megan Winter, Traditional

1st: Ian Reynolds, Barebow (Steve and Judy Brown Arrow - highest score)
2nd: Richard Hudson, Barebow
3rd: Andrew Holden, Barebow

Best score for Traditional or Longbow (open to both Ladies and Gents)
David Whitham, Traditional (Horsfall Memorial Trophy)

1st: Harry Bloomer, Barebow (80 yards)
2nd: James Allsopp, Barebow (140 yards)

Best clout, Senior: Megan Winter
Best clout, Junior: James Allsopp

White Rose Whitewash

A strong team from White Rose Archers took part in the Yorkshire Archery Association's 28th Longbow Championships on Saturday 16 August 2014. Prizes awarded as follows:

Most hits: Sheila Hudson
Highest score: Janice Parrott
Most golds: Ann Shooter
Best gold: Janice Parrott
Best arrow after lunch: Sheila Hudson

Jack and Jill: Keith and Ann Shooter

2nd place in Double National round: John Ball

Team trophy awarded to White Rose with the combined scores of Dave Whitham, David Bloomer and Sheila Hudson

Congratulations to all. It was a great achievement on a very windy day in East Yorkshire.

Results of Long Western Tournament (27 July 2014)


1st: Shelley Blamire, Compound (Eric Mills Cup, Highest Handicapped Score - Ladies)

2nd: Janice Parrott, Longbow

3rd: Diana Wyatt, Longbow


1st: David Bloomer, Longbow (Bill Wade Shield, Highest Handicapped Score - Gents)

2nd: David King, Recurve

3rd: Stuart Graham, Traditional

Juniors: (All 3 set New Club Records)

1st: Jacob Burton, Recurve (1st Junior Shield)

2nd: George Seabourne, Recurve

3rd: Jordon Birks, Recurve (Jordon shot the Seniors distance for the tournament)

Best Gold, Snr: Richard Hudson, Compound

Best Gold, Jnr: James Allsopp, Compound

Worst White, Snr: David King, Recurve

Worst White, Jnr: Toby Smith, Barebow

Four Counties Shoot (19 July 2014)

White Rose Archers excelled at the Four Counties Shoot held at Samlesbury. Ann Shooter had the highest score for Ladies, Janice Parrott had the second highest score. Sheila Hudson received the Lady Veteran award. David Whitham had the highest score for the Gents. And Ann and Keith Shooter won the Jack and Jill. Ann and David also helped Yorkshire to win the County team award. Well done to everyone who took part.

Chantry Sword Shoot (5 July 2014)

Congratulations to the White Rose Archers who took part in this longbow shoot. It was a Stafford round - 2 way, 30 metres. Dave Bloomer achieved the Best Arrow after Lunch and David Whitham was awarded the Worst White.

Results of Albion/Windsor Tournament (4 May 2014)


1st: Sheila Hudson, Longbow - winner of Laurie Ellison Memorial Cup/Albion round

2nd: Andrew Holden, Recurve

3rd: Nigel Smethurst, Longbow


1st: Emily Webster, Traditional - Junior Shield/Windsor Round

2nd: Jacob Burton, Recurve

3rd: Ben Fitton, Compound

Highest Score Medal: Richard Hudson, Compound

Best Gold, Snr: Richard Fitton, Compound

Best Gold, Jnr: Ben Fitton, Compound

Worst White, Snr: Janice Parrott, Longbow

Worst White, Jnr: Emily Webster, Traditional

New Club Records set by:

Sheila Hudson

Emily Webster

Results of 2 Way Longbow Western Tournament (6 April 2014)


1st (Highest Score): Dave Bloomer

2nd (Most Hits): David Whitham

3rd (Most Golds): Steve Tilston


1st (Highest Score): Sheila Hudson

2nd (Most Hits): Janice Parrott

3rd (Most Golds): Bebe Milroy


1st (Highest Score): George Seabourne

2nd (Most Hits): Abigail Webster

3rd (Most Golds): James Allsopp

New Club Records set by:

George Seabourne

Abigail Webster

James Kay

Lucy Fowler

Emily Webster

Solomon Jacobs

Results of Lord Commissioners' Competition

This is an indoors knockout competition shot during the winter months. The results from the final shoot-out held on Thursday 3 April 2014:

1st: Maryse D-Ferguson

2nd: Jacob Burton (Jnr)

3rd: Haydn Parker

The finalists all shot Recurve.

Yorkshire Indoor Championships

Congratulations to our junior archers who competed at the Yorkshire Indoor Championships on Sunday 9 March. Ben Fitton took Junior Compound Boy for the second year; Jordon Birks took Junior Recurve Boy; and Abigail Webster took Junior Longbow Girl - in her first year of open competition. Our longbow team of David Whitham, Nigel Smethurst and John Ball took the team trophy. Congratulations to all.

Results from the Wakefield Record Status Double Portsmouth Competition held on Sunday 12 January 2014:

Jordon Birks - 1st Junior Boy Recurve

Abigail Webster - 1st Junior Girl Longbow

Sheila Hudson - 3rd Lady Recurve

Sheila & Richard Hudson - Jack & Jill Recurve

Jordon Birks, Sheila Hudson, Richard Hudson and Steven Blamire - Recurve team

Abigail Webster, David Whitham and John Ball - Longbow team

Jordon and Abigail also set new Northern Counties Junior Records